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Welcome to Espresso Concepts – South African speciality coffee company

Committed to bringing you and your business the finest artisan coffee, coffee equipment, and coffee accessories, whether you are in the hospitality, catering, corporate, retail or wholesale sector. Added to this, we are a level 3 bbbee certified business.

For over 25 years espresso concepts has strived to raise the standard of the local coffee industry and are so proud to have been a part of the unprecedented growth in coffee culture and the massive number of new coffee addicts in South Africa. When we started our journey there were only nine coffee roateries in the country, today there are over two hundred! In this time we have grown too, from a very small corner roastery to who we are today, with branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Knysna and producing an average of five tons of coffee a month.

Who we are

Our Roast Master has been roasting coffee for as long as he can remember, a true connoisseur and professional whose obsession with coffee is the reason it is so highly regarded in South Africa. We are members of SCASA (speciality coffee association of South Africa – ) and have, from day one, believed that only the finest coffees should be roasted.
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We stock great products

  • Freshly roasted Artisan Coffee Beans from around the world
  • Single Origin Coffees
  • Blended Coffees to make the perfect taste
  • Flavoured Coffees with amazing aroma
  • Capsules in a variety of pod types
  • Iberital Coffee machinery
  • DaVinci Gourmet’s range of classic syrups

  • Complimentary beverages for all your needs
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Davinci gourmet’s range of classic syrups

DaVinci Gourmet’s range of classic syrups has been crafted specifically for hot drinks, delivering the finest flavour while allowing the wonderful aroma, taste and texture of the coffee to come through. They are formulated to hold up under heat and mix evenly within the drink – ensuring your customer’s last sip tastes as good as their first.
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