Welcome to Espresso Concepts

We are a proudly South African speciality coffee company committed to bringing you and your business the finest artisan coffee, coffee equipment, and coffee accessories whether you are in the hospitality, catering, corporate, retail or wholesale sector.

For over 25 years Espresso Concepts has strived to raise the standard of the local coffee industry. When we started there were only nine coffee roasteries in the country, today there are over two hundred! We are proud to have been a part of the unprecedented growth in coffee culture and the massive number of new coffee addicts in South Africa.

We have grown in this time too, from a very small corner roastery in the converted garage of our house to who we are today with a large client base at our branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Knysna.

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Who Is Espresso Concepts

To produce fresh roasted artisan coffee with flavour, from the beans we import from around the world
Take a coffee bean and make it into the best cup of coffee for our customers
Only fresh coffee will be delivered

For far too long we in Africa have been living with the misconception that only the Europeans do coffee right…this is only half the story! Technology and knowledge is critical to the perfect cup of coffee and no other coffee culture has applied quite as much passion to its perfection as the Italians have. European coffee however has always been African, exported, roasted and then imported again with a much larger price tag than when it left! Coffee originated in Africa, it was discovered here, and this is where we perfect it.

Our Roast Master has been roasting coffee for as long as he can remember, a true connoisseur and professional whose obsession with coffee is the reason it is so highly regarded in South Africa. We are members of SCASA (speciality coffee association of South Africa – www.scasa.co.za ) and have, from day one, believed that only the finest coffees should be roasted. With this in mind we carefully select our coffee beans for their taste, flavour and aroma from the best coffee-growing countries in the world such as Uganda, Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Indonesia and India.

We are Rainforest alliance members… if you’re drinking Espresso Concepts coffee, your drinking responsible coffee. The Rainforest Alliance exists to protect our environment, jungles and rainforests from unsustainable and harmful farming techniques as well as to support the millions of people who rely on the coffee industry for a living. Test our real organic coffee or any other coffee that carries the Rainforest certification.

We are true coffee addicts, passionate about the art of making great coffee and watching others enjoy the taste of the perfect cup.

Meet Our Team

TerryMaster Roaster
Started roasting coffee over 25 years ago and has’nt stopped yet
LeeanneCape Town Agency Manager
The fire starter, the cook and the get stuff done person
MichelleHead of Sales
Every company need the person with personality and knowledge to make our clients happy.

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