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Coffee equipment is as important an ingredient in the perfect cuppa as the coffee itself. We sell all major reliable brands of espresso machines (including wega, la marzocco, astoria, expobar, jura, la san marco and sprada), grinders and filter machines, and can guide you in making the best choice based on your specific needs.

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Second hand sales


Pegasus espresso machine:

Pegasus 1 grp Semi automatic and Automatic 6lt 2700 watts
Pegasus 2 grp Semi automatic and Automatic 10.5lt 3400 watts
This excellent machine is sturdy and reliable with a stainless steel chassis and expertly blended platinum coloured panels; front, back and sides. It has copper, brass and aluminium alloy internal components. The Wega Pegasus has great specifications, great looks, and is value for money, an ideal machine for any coffee shop or business.

Atlas espresso machine:

Atlas 1 Automatic 6lt 2700 watts
Atlas 2 Semi automatic and Automatic 12lt 3700 watts
Atlas 3 Semi automatic and Automatic 17lt 5300 watts
The Atlas is your basic workhorse with all the proven dependability of a CMA built machine at an affordable price with unmatched value to the coffee house owner! Thermo-compensated group heads with pre-infusion chamber, in combination with the heat exchanger system, lends to stable water temperature assuring quality in the cup. It comes standard with built in, water cooled, adjustable rotary vane pump.
Available in 1, 2, or 3 groups in black/gray, red/gray, or sand colors, no wonder why this is our most popular machine!
:: The range is delivering Italian quality & design ::

Second hand sales
Second hand salesLA MARZOCCO



1 Group Professional espresso designed for light commercial applications, including restaurants, offices, catering, or the ultimate home coffee bar. Available in automatic and manual paddle. 2100 Watt, 3.5Lt Steam Boiler, 1.5Lt Coffee Boiler.


2 Group available in Semi Automatic & Automatic. Featuring PID temperature controls, solid-state relays, pre-heating system and adjustable stream flow. The FB/80 takes temperature stability to a new level, electronically monitoring all machine functions. Saturated brewing groups and dual-boiler technology inside. Ideal for locations where top quality in the cup & design are equally important. 4600 Watt, 7Lt Steam Boiler, 3.4Lt Coffee Boiler, optional barista Lights.

LINEA Classic:

2 Group available in Semi Automatic. Its straight lines and simple charm occupy many cafes, roasters and chains, whose names define the industry. The Linea is the classic La Marzocco machine that has long supported and helped to develop the specialty coffee industry since the 1990s. It is a heavy duty workhorse that performs reliably in the highest volume settings. Tried and true machine, the Linea is perfect for your new cafe, bar or restaurant. 4600 Watt, 7Lt Steam Boiler, 3.4Lt Coffee Boiler.


2 and 3 Group Semi Automatic & Automatic available. Named for Giovanna Bambi and designed with classical La Marzocco styling and spirit, the GB/5 combines harmonious aesthetics and powerful technological advancements with gracious lines and curves. The GB/5 is an understated companion to any coffee bar, while its unmatched temperature stability provides steady brew water and steam even at the peak of the morning rush 2 Group – 4600 Watt, 7Lt Steam Boiler, 3.4Lt Coffee Boiler, optional barista Lights 3 Group – 6100 Watt, 11Lt Steam Boiler, 5Lt Coffee Boiler.

Presevere the manufacture of the finest in class specialty coffee equipment, while encompassing people, heritage, technology and design:

Second hand sales
Second hand salesLA MARZOCCO FB/70


La Marzocco launched the FB/70 to honor its 70th anniversary. Gracefully rounded and refined, the FB/70 is a union of performance and sophistication, a centerpiece, contemporary in design.

Performance meets style – saturated brewing groups and dual-boiler technology:

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Second hand salesASTORIA


Practic Avant 1 group Semi Automatic or Automatic:

– 2300 Watt, 6lt Boiler capacity
Pratic 1 Group, a machine well suited to domestic and small business environments. Initially designed with a simple and linear style, it has evolved aesthetically with slim and modern lines for a timeless feeling. An elegant design, embellished by chromed details which creates a sophisticated character. It contains all the experience and the technology Astoria has to offer, guaranteeing professional performances and excellent quality beverages.

Touch 2 group Semi Automatic or Automatic:

– 3700 Watt, 10.5lt Boiler capacity

Touch 3 Group Semi- Automatic:

– 3700 Watt, 10.5lt Boiler capacity
With simple yet balanced aesthetics, the Touch is the ideal solution for those seeking the best combination of quality, simplicity and reliability. This is the perfect machine for your restaurant or coffee shop. The body of this machine is panels in stainless steel and painted steel, it has two steam wands, a hot water spout, dual gauge for boiler and pump pressure control, sight level glass for visual control of water level in the boiler and a built-in motor pump.

Gloria 2 group Semi –Automatic:

Gloria is the traditional coffee maker that guarantees extraordinary quality in a cup with technology and style. The thermosiphon circuit keeps the temperature of all elements stable thanks to the continuous flow of water. The large range of accessories (auto steamer, Milk-Coffee-Milk, and raised units) provide solutions to all needs. Careful details and consistently excellent coffee make Gloria the most greatly appreciated coffee maker by Astoria customers.
3700 Watt, 10.5lt Boiler capacity.

Perla 2 group Manual Gas/Electric:

Our motto is to produce espresso coffee machines suitable for all while at the same time providing those optional extras that make them ideal for customers with special demands. The Perla is perfect for those situations where electricity is difficult to find, for example, a food market. It is precise, reliable, and long lasting with a classic design.
10.5lt Boiler capacity.

Our passion is a perfect espresso, one that represents the style of baristas throughout the world who choose Astoria:

Second hand sales
Second hand salesEXPOBAR


An easy to use automatic espresso grinder that grinds the beans directly into the filter handle. You can easily set up pre-ground portions for both single and double espresso,or operate manually until you get the volume you want. The grinder starts automatically when you put the bayonet in the outlet, and produces fresh coffee with the minimum amount of spill. The bean container holds about 1.2 kg. Silver styling
Dimension machine Width: 210 – Height: 560 – Depth: 300

Grind On Demand: