Coffee Services



We drink a lot of coffee and love what we do!
We also have loads of experience, since we are 26 years old.

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Our Coffee Service for loyal clients



Our philosophy is to teach as many people as possible all there is to know about the coffee industry and the wonders of making coffee and so Barista training is one of our top priorities. When trained by us, your customers will always return to taste the best coffee they have ever had. We offer a short course on site, using your own equipment, as a complimentary service when you use our coffee. We also offer a more in depth half day training session at our offices which covers the history of coffee, the processes that it goes through to get to the cup and the art of making the perfect cup of coffee.

Fresh and fast

Our coffee’s are roasted weekly and delivered within 48 hours of being ordered. We don’t store ground coffee; it’s made to order, to ensure that it is as fresh as it can be when it arrives for your use.

Store opening support

On the day of your big opening there are a million things going on and you will be pulled in every direction. We can be there to support you and ensure that your first time customers come back for more.

Machine cleaning & servicing

Coffee can be a messy business and it’s very important to always keep your machine clean and serviced. It’s no small job so we can help you every step of the way.